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01 Jun 2022

Aluminium Entrance Doors

Hörmann (UK) Ltd Stand: P21

The Aluminium front entrance door range consists of ThermoSafe, ThermoSafe Hybrid, ThermoPlan Hybrid and ThermoCarbon entrance doors. 

Our best-selling aluminium entrance door ThermoSafe meets the highest of design standards with a choice of over 75 styles. The flush-fitting transition from the door leaf to the door frame gives your doors an elegant interior look in perfect harmony with flush-closing residential internal doors. 

Customers can now match the design elements and styles of the entrance door and sectional garage door, with a choice of 10 preferred colors.

Our entrance doors make it especially difficult for burglars to break into your home. Without further optional extras, our entrance doors* achieve the highest possible classification of the security label (*without burglar alarm system). Additionally, the certified security features are not visible on the door, unlike with many competitor solutions. 

As well as the laminated safety glass on the interior and exterior of the triple-pane insulated glazing provides maximum security. In case of glass breakage, the glass splinters are also bound on the inside, virtually eliminating any danger of being injured by the shards. Furthermore, the laminated safety glass offers better burglar protection as it makes reaching through more difficult.

Customers can use our online door configurator to test out various designs and product variations on a PC or tablet before speaking with a specialist. The door version, style, color, and size, as well as the recommended retail price, are all available on your configuration with just a few clicks. You can see in advance how well your new entrance door will match your home by uploading a picture of your house and placing it in your entrance.

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