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06 Apr 2023

Leaflet Data Centre Ventilation

Duco Ventilation Stand: F44

When designing data centers the overheating, caused by high levels of heat released by the servers in the building, need to be considered.

The heat, generated is, requires high flow ventilation. And with the increasing demand for data centres to meet these day-to-day requirements, the need for ventilation solutions has never been greater. DUCO can assist by providing an efficient, high-end ventilation product, such as louvre walls, guaranteeing effective natural ventilation of the internal space of data centres. This will avoid overheating and reduce engery consumption considerably.

Data centres are not intended for prying eyes of the public. Use of DUCO Louvre Wall or Solar Shading can provide a visible screen from external view and ensure privacy of the building is maintained.

Louvres, screening, turrets, louvre doors, acoustic louvres, window ventilators, nightvents,... DUCO offers a wide range of products to provide data centres with the necessary ventilation and/or screening.

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