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12 Apr 2023

Product & Marketing Strategist


Archifit® is developed to close the gap between the sash and the frame in timber, steel, metal door or window profiles. Thanks to wide range of products, the serial performs dynamically on many types of architectural components.

Archifit® serial of seals highlighted by some of the features that are especially enginereed for specific purposes. The serial precisely designed and engineered to contribute energy conservation by insulating room temperature against thermal factors. Archifit® seals create comfort zone at interior spaces by light-proofing also following these, all products are precisely engineered to function on water impermeability, acoustic protection and dust blocking as well. The serial also performs convincing durability against active components by impact resisting. Our product range produced by specially formulated and modified PVC, TPE and TPV raw-materials in order to achieve long-terms of life circle.

We developed a such principle that made us to put tremendous effort on standardized product range. Our primary duty is providing precise products tested by variety of paremeters in order to keep guaranteed product quality.

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