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22 Feb 2023

Case Study Profine Group Inline Profile Wrapping

Duespohl Maschinenbau Stand: M15

In 2015, the Profine Group had extended two extrusion lines by integrating inline wrapping lines made by Duespohl. The boom in building and renovating, which was reinforced by the corona crisis, required a quick and reliable increase of output. Based on the positive experience with 2015's investment, Profine decided to integrate two more wrapping lines into the extrusion lines. 

And this is the icing on the cake: the simultaneous foiling of the upper and lower side increases productivity, lowers the need of human workforce and replaces entire machines. The four lines, delivered in 2015 and 2021, are very flexible: they laminate both sides, only the upper or only the lower side. 

The inline process does not only increase productivity, it is also an essential element of Profine's sustainability strategy. The steady, flowing process makes long transport ways obsolete and energetically profits from the use of the warmth which has been created in the extrusion line, during the foiling process. 

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