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22 Feb 2023

Corporate Video Duespohl Maschinenbau

Duespohl Maschinenbau Stand: M15

The team of approx. 60 people supplies customers from all over the world, mostly from the woodworking and plastics processing industries as well as third party contractors specialised in profile wrapping or foiling. They are known as the engine of innovation that develops new technologies and brings them – in cooperation with partners of which some are scientific institutes – to market maturity.

The research and development activities aim at the reduction of set-up times as well as on-going expenses, the reliability of the process by increasing reproducibility and the most efficient use of all resources ranging from the material to the energy input.

Düspohl’s sole production site is in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, in the midst of a region in Germany that is well-known for its furniture and machine engineering industries with a strong focus on advanced technologies.

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