Kate Ashley Norman

Continuing the skills theme of this year’s FITShow, exhibitors and visitors will be able to learn how education not therapy is becoming the most productive and effective way of tackling the difficult, sensitive and apparently complicated issue of mental health in the workplace.

Kate Ashley-Norman of The Thrive Programme, and host of the Mental Health Revolution podcast will lead a seminar demonstrating how mental health issues need not be as complicated or frightening as previously believed. Instead, through education and training, employers and employees will learn the knowledge and skills to improve their own psychological strength and emotional intelligence. The result is an organisation with a thriving, more productive, more cost efficient, and ultimately much happier, workforce.

“The Thrive Programme has completely demystified the root cause of mental health issues, giving organisations the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to address them in a way that is empowering, long lasting, and applicable to every area – from the factory floor to the boardroom,” commented Kate Ashley-Norman. “Over the years the programme has helped tens of thousands of people overcome a wide range of often complex and deeply entrenched mental distress issues. This has led us to develop a programme that can be used exclusively in the workplace, helping businesses to fulfil their duty of care cost effectively and productively.”

Thriving people perform 16% better, and experience 125% less burnout. They are 32% more committed to an organisation, and 45% more satisfied with their jobs. They have fewer days off, got to the doctor fewer times, take better care of their health, and are significantly less prone to stress, anxiety and depression.

The seminar will take place at the FITshow on the morning of Wednesday 22nd May.

Kate Ashley-Norman has been a Thrive Programme consultant since 2012, and is also the host of the Mental Health Revolution podcast, which aims to demystify de-medicalise the way we perceive and treat mental health. She has a particular interest in working in businesses, helping them to create an overall thriving environment for better emotional and physical health, and ultimately healthier businesses.

Kate Ashley-Norman previously spent 10 years working in the window and glazing industry as owner of the Bath Plug & Tap Publicity Company (1995-2005).