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Flair Windows has laid the foundations for continued success in 2019 with the announcement of their newly extended factory. 

Flair Windows recently extended their current factory to 50,000 Sq Ft. The reason for this was to fund the growth within their growing UPVC and Aluminium product range! The extra space will mean that Flair can produce up to 2000 UPVC windows and doors a week and still be able to produce their full Aluminium range.

Within the new factory, they will be manufacturing the "Special Products". Products such as the Premifold Swing & Slide, the Premidoor Lift & Slide, the Smart Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors, EASi-Fold Windows, the Solidor & ProDoor44 Composite doors and many more! Flair have always been known for their quick turnaround on their UPVC casements and doors but the extra space will mean we can start to speed up the turnaround on more of the product range.

'We are moving in the right direction with our very successful customer base, who are driving forward with the support and backing of Flair!'

Flair Windows have been supplying the trade with bespoke products for many years and are now one of the country’s leading fabricators of UPVC windows, doors, roofs and sealed units.