5 Beads 3 Systems and Shared Profiles For The Residence Collection

The Residence Collection are experiencing an increase in trade enquiries, thanks in no small part to the integrated nature of the profiles and glazing beads, along with product availability in single lengths. It’s also a system that’s supported by one of the strongest marketing programmes in the sector.

With 15 different bead and system combinations, customers are able to make each job bespoke to the needs of their discerning homeowners, whilst minimising their respective stockholding. The single length ordering for main profiles across R2, R7 and R9 is supported by a 4 length per pack quantity of glazing bead in the form of 28mm square, decorative and a unique heritage staff bead, along with the triple glazing variants of 44mm square and decorative.

With relatively low start-up costs along with the clever profile and glazing bead integration, it’s proving to be the perfect supplementary system for fabricators looking to make a higher margin. Customers such as Window Tech Trade have not only begun on their Residence journey, but have actively changed their business model to solely focus on The Residence Collection.

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection commented: ‘With shared profiles, glazing beads and single length ordering for main profiles, customers don’t have the worry of tying up cash on their racks and furthermore they are able to harness a business model that can generate strong double-digit margins. With an unrivalled marketing support programme, we’re also actively supporting our manufacturing partners and installers with the tools to sell, so there’s never been a better time to become one of our partners.’