Brisant-Secure is all about making it easy for locksmiths to sell locks and door installers to sell doors. Each and every one of these businesses has a story to tell or expertise to share, and that’s why the company has launched their trade Facebook page.

We’re always hearing customers tell us how they’ve used something we offer in a new way or with a new type of customer, or with a new message. Sometimes, it’s just using marketing materials we have given them and love how it looks and works, or they’ve thought about using it in a different way. This group is a new way for the trade to be informed and inspired about new initiatives and how others are benefitting from them. So, this group is itself, another way to help customers sell more.

Lockdown has been a trying time for everyone, including manufacturing. However, Brisant-Secure have worked tirelessly throughout, thinking of new ways to help their customers once they were allowed back to work. During this period, it is clear that the trade need support more than ever before.

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant-Secure, commented: “During lockdown Steve Stewart and I have been developing some really powerful material that is unique, to the point that at first we didn’t think was technically possible. It’s been rare to have so much time to really think things through, but we do believe we have come up with something special.

He continued: ‘It’s a tool that will increase our customer’s sales and will be a massive help whilst everything is getting back up to speed. This has been an unprecedented time in history, and we think we have created something unique that will help fill the space, now we are all going back to work.”

Brisant-Secure have announced new initiatives including a new App on the Facebook page already. It is being moderated collectively by their field-based team, who are keen to respond to general technical questions. But specific customer service questions won’t be picked up, so continue to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01924 410200.


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Note to Editors:

Brisant-Secure is a company steeped in the history of the locksmith sector and has been overwhelmingly successful in the fenestration market, with a number of high-profile product innovations including Lock Lock, Ultion and more recently Sweet. Their distinct ‘design house’ approach to research and development have realised plaudits from across the industry and beyond.

Ultion is the most secure cylinder lock on the market, uniquely providing homes with real security against real-life attacks. While the patented Lock Lock has a registered edgeless design and is unsurpassed in terms of security and forms part of Sweet. Sweet is redefining door furniture with a direct to homeowner warranty and a double life coating that’s amassed over 8,000-hours in a salt spray chamber.

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