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21 Mar 2023

GGF and RISA Attend Bostik Academy Training Day

GGF Stand: T41
GGF and RISA Attend Bostik Academy Training Day
The Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) and RISA enjoyed a sealant training day with Bostik to further their knowledge about different types of sealants, how different types of sealants are tested, and their compatibility with IGUs.  

This was held at the Bostik Academy in Stafford, one of 22 Bostik Academies worldwide.  Bostik UK invested £500K in their facility to ensure better results with their products through application and product knowledge.

“The GGF and RISA work with so many suppliers, manufacturers and installers that look to us for advice and support, so it’s important that we always have all the latest information, on all components,” explains Dave Mechem, Director of Inspection and Assessment at RISA. “So to have access to such a comprehensive training day from Bostik was fantastic for our team. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and all of our assessors took a lot of very useful information away with them.”

Marc Rampling of Bostik comments: “Bostik are founder members of the GGF and are key Global suppliers of both IGU edge sealants and sealants for glazing and frame applications. The GGF Technical team and RISA Inspectors were invited for a theoretical and practical session at the Bostik Academy on cartridge sealants to help understand an area that is often underrated in terms of importance.

“A great deal of work is done by the industry to ensure windows and doors meet Building Regulations, especially relating to insulating properties. The overall efficiency of the building  can be massively affected by the method of installing the frame into the building. Poor installation can lead to heat loss and in extreme cases water ingress. The sealant must offer a long term durable airtight waterproof seal, and this is best achieved by using premium products such as 100% silicone sealants.

“The training day included both classroom and practical elements and covered many topics including: different types of sealants, different technologies and suitability for use, the benefits of using a premium product, testing of sealants, and testing methods for classification to Façade and Glazing Applications.

David Borland, Head of GGF Technical concludes: “Bostik hosted a fantastic day for our team and we’re grateful for the additional information we received on the day that will ultimately allow us to offer even more support to our members.”