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21 Mar 2023

A Systems Company First – Helping Fabricators & Installers Win New Business

Selecta Systems Ltd Stand: M31
A Systems Company First – Helping Fabricators & Installers Win New Business
Family and independently owned PVCu systems company, Selecta Systems, have always focused on providing fabricators and installers with a fully comprehensive and bespoke service and support package.

Marketing Manager Mark Walker provides us with the details of their latest innovative support package, designed to help fabricators and installers win new business, in what he describes as a systems company first!

Two New Websites

Firstly, we are launching two brand new websites, one for the trade and one for the homeowner. Our current all-encompassing website generates approximately 20-25 homeowner enquiries per week, with the content striving to reflect the requirements of all types of visitors. An internal review of the website left us with the ideology that we had tried to suit all visitors requirements, but ended up confusing some visitors. Therefore, we felt that separating the websites would enable ourselves to manage, control and promote specifics better with each target audience.

Another reason for separating the websites was to enable ourselves to promote the ADVANCE 70 brand direct to the homeowner. We feel that this is an important factor in providing the consumer with the information that they require to ensue confidence in the product, with the aim of supporting our fabricator base by directing enquiries to them.

Sitting upon the homeowners website will be two fabulous new features. The first being a ‘Find a Fabricator / Installer’ feature, where all of our approved fabricators and installers will be available within a simplistic search engine. A homeowner can search a specific area, define how far away they want to search and also select which Selecta product or range of products that they are looking to enquire about or purchase. A list of their local fabricators and installers will show up alongside a Google map, where all of their contact details, direct link to their website and also email address is available. This enables a homeowner to contact a local fabricator / installer at their own convenience.

Design Your Own Windows and Doors

To go one further, a homeowner also has the option to design their own windows and doors with our fantastic Window and Door Designer! The designer has all of the Selecta range of products, from casement, flush sash and tilt and turn windows through to residential, French, patio and EASi-FOLD doors. We’ve also added in a range of composite doors, so that the homeowner has a good range of products, styles and configurations to choose from and improve their home.

We have kept the design and enquiry process simple. The homeowner can select a number of window and door configurations and styles, the internal and external colour, hardware colour and other glazing options like Georgian bar or leaded glass. The real beauty of this is that they can also take a photo of their property and drop the windows and doors on to their home to visualise how they would look! They can then submit their design as an enquiry for quoting.

The whole point of this homeowner engagement is to generate sales leads for our customers. We have a brand new interface for our customer only portal, Connect, of which all enquiries will come directly in to our dealer network section. Once they land in our admin area of the portal, it will show us the nearest fabricator / installer to the enquiry. We can then send this enquiry direct to the fabricator / installer, through the portal, of which it will land directly in to the customers own section of Connect for follow up.

The enquiry will have all the relevant product imagery, customer information and details, which are presented in a professional document that can be downloaded as a PDF. The fabricator / installer can then utilise the enquiry to contact the homeowner and carry out a survey.

A Real Gamechanger and Systems Company First

As a fabricator or installer, we can also offer a branded version of the window and door designer for the customer to have embedded upon their own website! Fabricators and installers are then able to generate their own sales leads directly and have them land within their own admin area of their version of the Connect portal. They can have their own logo and contact details contained within the package and also emblazoned on all the relevant paperwork. What’s also being added, is the ability to add prices and provide professional quotes for the homeowners. It really is a fantastic bit of marketing kit!

We see this as a game changer for fabricators and installers, where in time it will be able to be used for both trade and retail. It’s the first of its kind to be launched by a systems company. It’s something you may have expected from a super fabricator, but it’s not been done previously by a systems company and that’s why we’re excited about this whole project. It takes our marketing support package to a completely new level and that’s always been our aim.

This package certainly sets us apart from our competitors and delivers a marketing support package that will help our customers win new business. To compliment this, we can also offer a brand new themed and branded website to sit along the window and door designer. This takes away the headache of a website build, whilst also incorporating the ability to have the window and door designer embedded in to the site. This provides our customers with a professional website and excellent sales lead generation and presentation tool, whether its for trade or retail.

The whole project has been in progress for almost two years, alongside our upgrade to Connect, our customer portal. Connect will have a brand new resource centre full of marketing and technical information and downloads. A fantastic Web2Print branded and bespoke brochure and marketing material creator and designer will also be featured within Connect. Being ‘part of the family’ is as exciting as ever and we can’t wait to unleash our brand new marketing support package at FIT Show 2023, on Stand M31 from 23-25 May.