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Remanufacturing Post-Consumer Window Glass

23 May 2023
Seminar Theatre
Most old window glass doesn’t get recycled into new window glass, instead it typically gets used in lower grade applications such as packaging and aggregates. In a future where high-performance windows and doors are vital to deliver energy efficient and comfortable homes, the ability to remanufacture the glass from old windows is essential. Saint-Gobain Glass is pioneering the collection and re-processing of end-of-life window glass, taking old poorly performing glass, and remanufacturing it into new high-performance glass for new high-performance windows. This saves energy, reduces the need to extract raw-materials, and lowers the embodied-carbon of glass. Michael Butterick, Marketing Director of Saint-Gobain Glass, will explain how Saint-Gobain is working to deliver a sustainable closed-loop process for window glass.
Mike Butterick, Marketing Director - Saint Gobain