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15 May 2024

Breaking News: Made For Trade Secures the Prestigious King’s Award for Innovation 2024.

Breaking News: Made For Trade Secures the Prestigious King’s Award for Innovation 2024.
Made For Trade, renowned for its innovative solutions, has been honoured with the King’s Award for Innovation 2024. This prestigious accolade shines a spotlight on the revolutionary Korniche Roof Lantern. It further cements Made For Trade’s progressive reputation and acknowledges its ground breaking contribution to redefining the fenestration sector. 

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A Landmark Achievement Celebrating Excellence

Established in 1965, The King’s Award for Enterprise is the UK’s most distinguished business commendation. The award continues HM Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy and celebrates businesses that pioneer innovation, sustainable practices, and social mobility.  Receiving the award is a testament to Made For Trade’s commitment to forging revolutionary solutions for industry products.

Made For Trade’s achievement demonstrates its commitment to excelling and pushing boundaries within the home building industry. Korniche has established Made For Trade as a national operation despite its base in the Northeast of England. It has moved from a fabricator of third-party systems to a business that designs, engineers, and builds its own products at scale. The Korniche Roof Lantern has set a new paradigm in design and functionality, raising standards in the industry.

Words from Made For Trade’s Managing Director

With a triumphant message around forward-thinking, Bradley Gaunt, Managing Director of Made For Trade, shares his insights following this momentous milestone:

“As the managing director of Made For Trade, I’m delighted to announce that we’ve won the prestigious King’s Award for Innovation. At Made For Trade, innovation is our top priority. Winning this award validates our team’s hard work and dedication. It boosts our reputation and opens up new opportunities for growth and collaboration. Thanks to everyone at Made For Trade for their passion and commitment. Together, we’ll keep innovating and achieving success.”

Made For Trade’s creativity really surpasses industry expectations and reshapes customers' perceptions of their home spaces.


How the Korniche Roof Lantern is Transforming Skylines

Exhibiting a cutting-edge design, swift assembly time, and seamless fitting, the roof lantern has disrupted the home building sector and had a revolutionary impact on installation, surpassing traditional roof products.  Before the introduction of the Korniche Roof Lantern, the market was saturated with inefficient PVC-clad aluminium systems that were not only thermally inefficient but also required extensive manual adjustments, such as drilling and cutting, which made their installation process cumbersome.

In stark contrast, the Korniche Roof Lantern is designed for streamlined installation, taking just minutes to fit and glaze compared to pre-existing and competitor products..

Pioneering Features of the Korniche Roof Lantern

We take a look at the specific design features that enhance the product’s functionality and appeal and really demonstrate Made For Trade’s commitment to engineering excellence and user-friendly design:

  • End Caps: For a sleek, refined appearance, these are installed with no visible fixings.

  • Unique Glazing Retainer: The revolutionary design prevents glass from slipping and masks the glass edge, whilst simplifying the installation process.

  • Assembling Mechanism: To ensure quick and reliable assembly, single fix bolts and die-cast aluminium components with steel helicoils are used to avoid cross-threading.

  • Innovative Boss Design: A patent-granted design replicates a traditional timber "bird’s mouth" joint, allowing for a virtually seamless and aesthetically pleasing connection

Broadening Horizons and Expanding the Market

The Korniche Roof Lantern has really raised the bar for installation ease, thermal efficiency, and sleek design aesthetics, having tackled any previous industry limitations. It has emerged as a true beacon of creative thinking, appealing to a broad market of builders, roofers, and DIY enthusiasts. Due to its effortless installation, trade and end consumers benefit from increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Furthermore, the ‘KwikQuote’ online tool continues to amplify the customer experience, allowing Made For Trade to expand its operational reach. Trade clients can offer instant pricing, allowing improved sales processes and refined customer satisfaction.


Looking Ahead

The King’s Award highlights the power of transformation, innovative thinking, and Made For Trade’s steadfast dedication to excellence that can revitalise even the most established products.














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