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31 Mar 2022



What does the future of competence in construction mean for the glazing industry? Find out at Jon Vanstone’s seminar at FIT Show 2022.

Jon will discuss the future competence landscape within the construction industry and the impact it will have on the glazing sector. With the new Building Safety Bill and the introduction of the Building Safety Regulator, there is a drive for seismic shift throughout construction and how individuals and organisations are deemed to be competent.

“Big changes lie ahead for our sector,” explains Jon. “As well as new regulations that come into force on 15 June, we are faced with the impact of the Building Safety Regulator which will be run by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

“By understanding these changes and preparing ourselves for them as a sector, we can make compliance easier for everyone, so we can work together to design, build and maintain buildings in a safer way. But we need a clear understanding of why these measures are being implemented and what our industry needs to do now to avoid pain later on.”

The ‘Future of Competence’ seminar will be held on Wednesday 10 May 2022 at 11.10am in the FIT Seminar Theatre and will cover: new legislation and regulations that will directly affect installers and the way they work, the future of the industry with the new Building Safety Regulator and the new demands for proving competence.

Jon delivers clarity to industry on Building Regulations and Government Requirements with industry programmes. He is the founding chair for HSE’s Interim Industry Competence Committee, Chair of Certass, Director of the National Home Improvement Council, member of DLUHC’s Building Regulations Advisory Committee and Chair of its sub-committee, the Competent Persons Forum.