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15 Apr 2023



Two of the window and door industry’s most respected brands have come together to launch a specification-leading residential door range, to be revealed for the first time at the forthcoming FIT Show.

The Residence Door Collection by Apeer delivers a range of 20 door styles that have been curated to complement Residence Collection windows in terms of aesthetics, quality and performance, and built around a specification developed by leading composite door manufacturer Apeer, that is designed to future-proof the range. Whilst designed primarily to complement the widely acclaimed Residence Collection flush sash windows, the range will be widely available on the open market.

A total of twenty designs have been chosen, including a highly distinctive concept door that is designed to include everything that the Residence Door Collection by Apeer embodies, including the key elements of design and performance. Each door will be presented as a ground-breaking 120mm front-to-back format, including traditional, contemporary and stable door designs, with 78mm quadruple sealed glass units as standard. Construction will be of GPR skins around a high density PU core, reinforced with aluminium anti-cut through security mesh embedded within the core of each door. Every door, including skins and glass units, will be manufactured by Apeer at its 120,000 feet2 Ballymena factory.

Specification from the outset will be comprehensive to include nine standard colours at launch (seven grained and two smooth), with the availability of full sidelights and top lights from launch, with half lights and others to follow. Standard specification also includes weather deflectors, and Stormguard or full frame thresholds. High quality hardware and furniture will be used throughout, whilst extra touches such as Ultion KeyTag-equipped, trackable keys will also form a comprehensive standard specification.

All doors will be PAS24 compliant, and thermal performance testing, which is being undertaken in advance of the FIT Show launch, will improve upon the 0.8 W/m2K anticipated to be published in the Future Homes standard by which new homes will be built from 2025.

The partnership between Residence Collection and Apeer is unusual and possibly unique in terms of two independent and previously unconnected brands coming together for such a collaboration, and Sarah Hitchings, Residence Collection’s Sales and Marketing Director explained how it came about: “Residence Collection has always been defined by our commitment to high quality, high performance, and innovation. We have been looking at developing a range of engineered doors that extends beyond our current collection, that anticipates what we believe will be required for home improvements with the influence of Future Homes. We met Asa from Apeer and everything that he told us, and showed us, was at least what we were looking for. And then he improved it.”

Asa McGillian responded: “Apeer has always strived to design and produce products that are unique, or innovative or the highest performers in their sector, or all of those things – just as Residence Collection has with flush sash windows. And after I had the opportunity to show Sarah and her team our ideas for a premium, advanced specification door they told us that it was what they had been looking for…to be able to design and manufacture this collection under the Residence Collection name is very satisfying; we are delighted to partner and co-brand this range of doors with them.”