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FIT Show Brand Story

FIT Show has been the UK’s number one trade show for the window, door, flat glass, hardware, components and roofing industry for more than a decade. We’ve come a long way since we launched in 2013. Here’s a look back at how it all started…

Before 2013 - before FIT Show - installers, specifiers and developers who sought to build a better business for themselves, and better places for people to live and work, faced a problem. They wanted to advance, but they were busy people.

The great innovators, the businesses who gave ambitious installers the tools to make people’s homes more attractive, offices more comfortable, to build flexible, warm and secure buildings were out there, but spread across the land. They were hard to find.

How could the enterprising installer be sure they had the right products, the right suppliers?

How could they compare those products to others?

How could they learn about the latest technologies, innovations and ideas to improve their company?

To make them more financially secure and their customers happier in the environments they built for them?

How could they possibly rely on the internet to identify all that was out there?

And even if they could, how could they make the time to find everything, let alone go and see everything?

They couldn’t… until 2013. Until FIT Show.

In 2013, FIT Show was born, allowing the UK fenestration industry to connect on a scale like never before bringing together all of the companies who could help determined, passionate and forward-thinking fabricators, installers, fitters, specifiers and builders in one place. 


An event where all the best products, services, ideas, innovations and concepts would be available to them under one roof. For more than a decade FIT Show has welcomed thousands of visitors eager to meet suppliers demonstrating their products and ideas in person, face-to-face driving innovation and progression in the sector. 




We are Montgomery Group, a fifth-generation family business with a difference. Passionate about serving our communities and delivering first class events, we aim to create exciting opportunities and produce positive outcomes for everyone we engage with.

Working across a variety of sectors including design, build, art, food & drink and humanitarian aid, we empower our diverse teams and encourage them to nurture and build relationships so that we can succeed together.

FIT Show has been uniting the ambitions of thousands of installers, builders, engineers, fabricators, manufacturers, suppliers and construction workers for over 10 years. We have become the forerunners in connecting the right people to the right products, suppliers, manufacturers and brands. And it all FITs together under one roof at the NEC.

Over the past decade we have established FIT Show as the cornerstone of the window, door, flat glass, hardware, components and roofing industry. We have enabled installers to build a better business for themselves, and provided the platform for brands and suppliers to exhibit their products, meet the right people and make the right sales.  We have seen thousands of visitors and exhibitors thrive with us, making us a major component for industry growth. 

Whoever your customer, supplier, source of knowledge or source of income is, we bring you closer to them. Customers who are ready to buy the next best product and do business. Or brands who come searching for ambitious businesses like yours

Many things have changed since 2013. Technology has changed, as have market dynamics and the habits and behaviours of those inside and outside of the industry. But the fundamentals of FIT Show have remained the same. 

That is the story of FIT Show. We’ve FIT thousands of the right people, the right products, the right communities, the right scenarios together to revolutionise our industry. We built FIT together.













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Are you interested in attending the inaugural Glass Conference, taking place Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October 2024?

We can’t wait to welcome you to the conference, where the entire sector will come together. The programme is designed to be the catalyst for actionable change across the UK glass and glazing industry.

Ticket prices and options are now available.